Vodka «Beast»

Volume: 0,5 l, 0,7 l, 1,0 l
Volume alcohol: 40%
Package: aluminum bottle

Vodka BEAST is the first Russian premium vodka in an innovative package of aluminum. The key technological method preparation of vodka BEAST is a triple distillation. It allows to perfect a simple composition formulas of vodka "alcohol + water" and makes a subtle flavor of the drink and clean soft and harmonious taste, and the content-free from all kinds of impurities. The process of vodka creating includes 9-speed system through the carbon column treatment, barrier, quartz and membrane filters.On the final step of filtarion vodka also filtrated through the composite nano-filter ZetaCarbon. As the result beverage acquires the specific structure and unique flavor. Vodka BEAST is bottled in 0,5l; 0,7l and 1,0 liters. Aluminum bottle is considered the most environmentally friendly of all the packages. In this bottle the drink keeps best their quality. Also aluminum packaging eliminates the chance of any other flavors. Vodka "BEAST" in aluminum bottle is cooled by an average 5 times faster than in the glass.