«Imperial collection» in Faberge Eggs Style

Volume: 0,75 l
Volume alcohol: 40%
Package: metal case, designed as an Easter Egg by Faberge in gift box

The idea of vodka «Imperial collection» includes the combination of high-quality product – the purest vodka of Super Premium class and the elite package – vodka decanter with four glasses in a case, designed by the famous Russian jeweler Carl Faberge.
By the special request decanter and glasses are made of Venetian glass in Italy and each of glasses has the original embossed decor, which is made by hand.
Vodka decanter has a unique design and excellent quality, which are the result of work by experienced and skilled masters. During its decoration authors used the refined full gilt, satin individual elements and struck rich décor with decals.
Vodka decanter with glasses placed in a special metal case - an Easter egg, presented in 11 different colors - emerald, pearl and emerald, sapphire, pearl and sapphire, rubies, pearls and ruby, marble, onyx, pearl, gold and silver. The case is decorated with graceful and elegant eagle, crowning the egg, legs in the form of winged lions and the original exterior decor with a 24-carat gold.
The final element of the composition - a gift box, made of a dense purple cardboard with printed logo of the «Imperial collection».