The Thornbridge Brewery is an independent brewery founded in 2005 and situated near Bakewell, England. Using fantastic hops from around the world or herbs, spices and fruits, Thornbridge beers are always a contemporary take on traditional styles. Thornbridge brewery now operates from two brewery sites. Original Hall brewery highlights the traditional infusion mash ale system whereas the contemporary Riverside in Bakewell highlights the ability to innovate through technology. The Hall is about experimentation and barrel-ageing and creating premium bottled products. Riverside is innovation, allowing to attain perfection through fantastic brewing and quality control. With over 350 industry and consumer awards for beers, the Thornbridge brewery is currently one of the best craft breweries in the United Kingdom.
Tronçais and Limousin are the treasury of French oak . In this barrels made of powerful wood the French cognac is aging under the laws of France. For the taste and aroma of cognac the quality of the wood is just as important as the quality of the grapes. The barrel gives to the cognac abylitty to develop and matures. At a slow oxidation process of interaction with oxygen which penetrates into the pores of the oak. Today wine producers and large barrels producers are actively experimenting with different kinds of oak. Yet, over the centuries, from the moment of discovery of spirit storage, nothing better for this purpose than French oak, growing in old forests Tronçais and Limousin, was not found. The wood growing in Tronçais forest has a large number of small leeks and "more balanced" lignins and tannins. It is often used in primary aging of spirits. Oak from Limousine forest has the coarse-grained wood structure, more containing of important for cognac chemical compounds. This oak requires respect, especially the manufacture of barrels. 
Moscow Bar Show 2015 with Fruko-Schulz
From 8 to 10 of September Fruko Schulz has been taking a part in a very extensive exhibition called Moscow Bar Show 2015. The exhibition itself looked like a truthful magic place – a secret bar`s town, where quests could get acquainted with elaboration in perfectserve and foodpairing field, with methods of original serving drinks, 
Please welcome a new Mexican smoked tequila!
Range of Magazin Kazale company products has more added by new interested brands! Today our clients have an abylity to buy a unique Mexican smoked tequila Los Tres Tomos made from 100% blue agave sirup. You can try tequila Los Tres Tonos in Fruko Bar or in our store Wine List to the adress Sobeslavska 32, Praha 3!