«Bitter Fruko-Schulz»
«Bitter Fruko-Schulz»
Package: Glass
Volume: 0,7 l
Volume alcohol: 35 %

Description: Popular hard liqueur, made by infusion several kinds of herbs, different spices and roods. Attribute to the group salubripus liqueurs, favourable affect on digestion, that' s why it is a perfect digestive. Pleasently warms and relaxes the body,it is ideal in using in a pure way or with a hot tea in cold winter night. Perfectly slake mixed with tonic. «Bitter Fruko-Schulz» is an irreplaceable in capacity of basic ingredient in different worldwide cocktails «Garibaldi», «Negroni», «Americano».

Liqueur is one of the most popular alcohol delicacy in the world. In some opinions it could provide the therapeutic effect. Centuries ago medics affirmed that liqueurs could heal the soul, dissolving and melting in human’s heart. But liqueurs have got their popularity also as the perfect components of the cocktails astonishingly simply combining and mixing with a lot of products.
Considering modern preferences and experience of many years, the company Fruko-Schulz has created a line of liqueurs, which are perfectly suited as the base components for the world famous cocktails. Most of them could be used in a pure way or mixed with ice.