Moscow Bar Show 2015 with Fruko-Schulz
From 8 to 10 of September Fruko Schulz has been taking a part in a very extensive exhibition called Moscow Bar Show 2015. The exhibition itself looked like a truthful magic place – a secret bar`s town, where quests could get acquainted with elaboration in perfectserve and foodpairing field, with methods of original serving drinks, 
and also they could find out know-how of gastro mixology field.
On behalf of the company there has been carried out Guest Bartending by brand ambassador Andrej Vylik, who represented special cocktails based on Fruko Schulz liqueurs and original methods of serving cognacs Favraud and liqueur wines Favraud Pineau des Charentes. In this so called bar`s town barmen could visit Bitters Studio, where they could find out more information about bitters and also about the fact, that bitters may be based on vodka “Carskaja”. 

Fruko-Schulz became a partner of Schneider Electric on 23d exhibition Amper in Brno city

The 23d edition Amper was held at the Brno Exhibition Centre from 24 to 27 March 2015. Fruko-Schulz was the main advertising partner of Schneider Electric the largest company in the field of complex energy efficient solutions.
They showed the new economical design of switches and sockets for the Czech market. The action called "Go green" by Schneider Electric was held in the company of the famous liqueur Fruko-Schulz Green Mint.

Vodka «Imperial collection» with special price!

The idea of vodka «Imperial collection» includes the combination of high-quality product – the purest vodka of Super Premium class and the elite package – vodka decanter with four glasses in a case, designed by the famous Russian jeweler Carl Faberge.By the special request decanter and glasses are made of Venetian glass in Italy and each of glasses has the original embossed decor, which is made by hand. Vodka decanter has a unique design and excellent quality, which are the result of work by experienced and skilled masters. During its decoration authors used the refined full gilt, satin individual elements and struck rich décor with decals. Vodka decanter with glasses placed in a special metal case - an Easter egg, presented in 11 different colors - emerald, pearl and emerald, sapphire, pearl and sapphire, rubies, pearls and ruby, marble, onyx, pearl, gold and silver. The case is decorated with graceful and elegant eagle, crowning the egg, legs in the form of winged lions and the original exterior decor with a 24-carat gold. The final element of the composition - a gift box, made of a dense purple cardboard with printed logo of the «Imperial collection». 
For now vodka «Imperial collection» has a specoal price 18 299 Kč! 

Fruko Shop opening in Prague!

On New Year Eve the company Fruko-Schulz has opened the first branded shop!Fruko Shop is located in the center of Prague on the Soukenicka street. Assortment includes all products of Fruko-Schulz factory, Ladoga company, Favraud Cognac House, wineries Bodegas el Cidacos and Bodegas Camino Real and also exclusive alcoholic beverages and wines from the whole world. Fruko Shop concept involves not only alcohol saling, but also the opportunity to taste each of the beverages in a cozy atmosphere and in the company of professional sales assistant. Fruko Shop offer a profitable discount system and membership in Fruko Club . This membership allows to use not only discounts and propositions from Fruko Shop but also gives privileges in Fruko Bar, which is located at Betlémská 286/5. We look forward to seeing you in Fruko Shop from 11.00 to 23.00 seven days a week. 

 Best Amaretto 2014

Fruko-Schulz Amaretto liqueur got the highest award on prestigious British Competition The Liququer Masters 2014.In the category "Best Amaretto 2014" Fruko-Schulz Amaretto liqueur left behind Italian Amaretto Saliza from Bepi Tosolini and Amaretto Belluci from Aldi.
In early November, the famous British magazine Business Spirits released the results of the comperition The Liqueurs Masters 2014, where the company Fruko-Schulz again ranked higher prize! This year liqueur Amaretto get the price for the excellent quality and style. On one of the pages of the magazine readers were also able to learn about opening Fruko-Schulz brand bar in Prague. Detailed text of article, we present below: Fruko's party bar LIQUEUR PRODUCER Fruko-Schulz hos opened a dedicated bar in Prague, Czech Republic, themed around a Venetian carnival. The Fruko Bar, which is being run as a permanent business, gives visitors on opportunity to taste the Fruko liqueur range, which now includes up to 36 flavours following the introduction of seven new expressions in Russia this summer. The group claims its liqueur range is becoming "more and more complex and unusual" to meet the global demands of consumers and bcrtenders. Elements of the bar itself were built from a giant barrel used to store Tuzemok rum for over 30 years. The group said that the use of the barrel gave the bar a " light enchanting alcohol aroma". Fruko Schulz exported 137,000 coses in the first nine months of 2014 to more than 20 countries worldwide. 

Fruko-Schulz at the Prague Bar Show 2014!

This year the factory Fruko-Schulz will attend the exhibition Prague Bar Show for professionals in the field of gastronomy. 
Come and join presentations of your favorite brands!We are waiting for You 21st and 22nd of October at adress Novoměstská radnice, Karlovo náměstí 1/23, 120 00 Praha 2. 

Seven new liqueurs added to Fruko-Schulz portfolio!

Fruko-Schulz company is the largest producer of liqueurs, absinth and bitters announces new seven flavors. And also become a leader in Eastern Europe in the number of produced liqueurs. For today the product portfolio of Fruko-Schulz has 34 positions. However, the company is not going to stop on it. Fruko-Schulz plans to develop new unique flavors that can make a significant contribution to the development of bar mixology and drink culture as a whole. The current update of the seven new flavorsis a result of the global study of current global market liqueurs. With each new update assortment of liqueurs their tastes become more and more original!

Dear friends, Fruko Bar is finally opened!

We are glad to see you every day from 17.00 till 00.30 to the address Betlémská 5, Praha 1. Fruko bar it is a unique place where you can find all products of Fruko-Schulz Company authentic brands of vodka, tequila and cognac collected from all over the world. Come visit us and take a place in the bar made of real barrel of larch wood. The barrel which over the last 30 years was kept Tuzemsky Rum from Jindřichův Hradec in "paradise rooms" of Fruko-Schultz factory!

Simon Difford Appreciated Fruko Schulz Liqueurs .

World-famous guru of bar industry Simon Difford has expressed a high opinion of Czech liqueurs 
on the pages of international Class Magazine. 
In spirits tasting review in the wide-known British magazine, the bar professional paid special attention to the products by Fruko-Schulz factory. In his review of Fruko Schulz Advocaat Simon Difford wrote, «Launched in 2011 as part of a new range of liqueurs, Fruko-Schulz Advocaat is made from egg yolks, sugar, milk and vanilla. It is an entirely natural product.»
Also Simon Difford paid attention to Fruko-Schulz Bitter «...Marketed as a digestive, this bitter-sweet liqueur is flavoured with natural extracts of 46 herbs, roots, fruits, wild berries and spices»
Guru caught in the taste of liquor Fruko-Schulz Bitter notes of liquorice, stewed prunes, sloe berries, chocolate and light cinnamon and black pepper spice.
Both liquor got the highest score - 4.5 out of 5.
Simon Difford from Great Britain is more of a writer than a bartender, but there is no one on the planet who knows about alcohol more than he does. In 1997, he started publishing his own magazine CLASS, which, by 2001, has become the major British magazine about alcoholic beverages. It was the year when Simon Difford sold it to dedicate himself fully to publishing a series of books. Simon is the author of Diffords Guide — Cocktails, a legendary collection of cocktail recipes. The last, eighth, version of the book contains 2800 recipes, collected by Simon Difford from different countries. 
To buy liqueurs Fruko-Schulz Advocaat and Fruko-Schulz Bitter, as well as the rest of Fruko-Schulz products you can in alcoholic boutique «Wine List» at: Soběslavská 32, Praha 3 - Vinohrady, 130 00 Česká Republika or on stock wholesale Cash & Carry, located at Vinohradská 190, Praha 3 - Vinohrady, 130 00 Česká Republika, or order by phone +420 777 146 999.

Fruko Schulz, has become a partner of Moscow Bar Show!

During Moscow Bar Show Titans World Open — Legend, a world’s flairing championship of professional bartenders, is held it is also sponsored by Fruko Schulz.

It is the only world commercial championship of bartenders in Russia which is supported and judged by WFA (World Flair Association) and has the highest competition status of Grand Slam. During the entire exhibition Rodrigo Delpech, a 16-fold world flairing champion, is carrying out his master classes three times a day (13.00-14.00, 15.00-16.00 17.00-18.00) in the fan zone of the championship. The master classes are sponsored by Fruko Schulz. The famous Argentinean is reasonably considered one of the best flairers in the entire world. There are 18 winnings at international flairing competitions among his achievements, as well as a huge number of winnings at different contests. Fruko Schulz brand ambassadors, highly qualified professionals, are also sharing their experience with exposition visitors. Each of them has an impressive number of specialized trainings, competitions and other industry events in his or her portfolio. Brand ambassadors represent the brand beside the Fruko Schulz stands where they introduce the Czech product to the customers, carry out master classes on experiments with tastes and show their excellence in decorating cocktails. However, cocktail autumn for the industry experts, Russian bartenders to be specific, doesn’t stop at Moscow Bar Show — right after the exposition Fruko Schulz together with world flairing stars will start the country tour. Brothers Christian and Rodrigo Delpech, Dario Doimo, and Vladimir Buriyanov will carry out master classes in a number of Russian cities. The tour will cover almost all the regions of the country; master classes will be held in famous bars and clubs, all the participants will get the certificates confirming the passing of the course, and each of the event will be followed by amazing Fruko Night parties.
Full photo report is in section

Dear sirs!
The company Magazin Kazale is glad to thank you for your cooperation, express our appreciation for your loyalty and trust. Continuing price increases on spirits and electricity, forcing us to spend a minor adjustment to the price on some product groups. Unfortunately, it would affect all tipes of Czar's vodka, Czar's Village vodka, Imperial Collection Gold vodka, vodka The Beast and cognac of the company Dobbé. Hope for your understanding in this matter and further fruitful cooperation.
The prices will increase on 10% from October the 1st 2013
The prices will increase on 5% from December the 1st  2013

Dopis ceny rijen a prosinec 2013_signed.pdf

Vinex 2013

An international exhibition of wine Vinex 2013 takes under one roof more than 40 manufacturers from different parts of Europe was organized in city Brno (Czech Republic) in the exhibition center Brno Exhibition Centre. Magazin Kazale Company together with Fruko-Schulz factory presented current range of premium-class alcohol drinks more than 3,000 visitors. Full photo report is in section presentations.

International guests at Fruko-Schulz factory

In April 2013 the most famous barmen and delegation of journalists from Moscow and Saint- Petersburg have visited Fruko-Schulz factory. The aim of visit was to acquaint with a new product of Fruko- Schulz. It is a line of 17th world famous cocktail liqueurs.The group has got fascinating excursion and drink degustation in one of the biggest factory in Czech Republic. After that they moved to Prague. Here in Coco bar barmen have prepared delicious cocktails based on Fruko-Schulz liqueurs line. Highest commendation has got Cream Liqueur Fruko-Schulz prepared of fresh cream, Scottish whiskey and vanilla. Full photo report is in section presentations.

Seeing off the year at the hotel Imperial

The vibrant and colorful style party Disco 80 was held at the hotel "Imperial" Carlsbad in the Old New Year's Eve. The sponsor of the event was Magazin Kazale company, the exclusive importer of Vodka Imperial Gold in the Czech Republic. Amazing party atmosphere and premium drinks gave guests an unforgettable evening.
Full photo report is in section presentations.

New alcohol warehause Cash & Carry

Magazin Kazale in collaboration with Fruko-Schulz Company opens the Cash and Carry Alcohol Warehouse. The address is Vinohradska 190, Prague 3 – Vinohrady. We guarantee low prices and rich assortment of products! 
Open hours: Mo – Fr, from 9.00 am – 17.00 pm.You can also make preliminary order by telephone +420 777 146 999

Fruko- Schulz and Ladoga jointly participated in the exhibition in Germany

The company Fruko- Schulz and the Ladoga Group for the first time has introdusted vodka Imperial Gold and also a series of new Fruko- Schulz liquers at a fair Barzone 2012, held in Cologne on 21 22 of May.

The fair Barzone reflect all tends in a German gastronomic scene, atracting a lot of profffesionals from France and Italy, as well Benelux countries and Switzerland which show a keen interest in the development of the German market. In this year 104 participants took a part in fair and there was more over 5600 guests.Vodka Imperial Gold, whitch produce Russian distillery the Ladoga Group was presented as a base of exposition in Cologne. Production of a Fruko- Schulz was introdused by the number of new cocktail liquers: Cream, Amaretto, Pina Colada, Coffee liqueur, Blue Curacao, Triple Sec, Coconut liqueur, Bitter and also famous Fruko- Schulz rum Tuzemak"and amazing absinth. "At the fair we managed to get some interesting contacts, we are currently negotiating about a possible collaboration," said Josef Nejedlý a plant manager of Frucko- Schulz.

Sexy Imperial party at the club Kostel!

On the last day of April, at 22.00 beautiful people gather at the club Kostel! Their goal is the most incendiary party of season Sexy Imperial, dedicated to presentation of premium vodka Imperial Collection and line of cocktail liqueurs Fruko- Schulz. Guests will be requested to try cocktails with vodka Imperial Collection and liqueurs Fruko- Schulz! Feel the magic and power of true taste of real premium Vodka Imperial Collection, in a privileged atmosphere! Immerse yourself in the magic of passion and fireworks of emotions for one night
Magical event will be held 30.04.2012 at Michalská 29 Praha 1, Metro Můstek, Staroměstská. Klub Kostel.1

Coming soon

Welcome to our store and Show-Room WINE LIST! We are glad to offer you a rich wine kart from Italy, Germany and France, Russian premium class vodka and traditional Czech beer, various cocktail liqueurs line, true Czech room, amazing and unforgettable absinth and a lot of others alcohol delicacy. In the store you can not only buy but also taste the stuff you are interesting in. Experienced sellers will tip you about what and how to take. Also you can take a part in monthly degustations, in which sommeleirs and brewers will share with you the secrets of their skill and teach to value truely unique alcohol beverages.

A new collection of Fruko-Schulz cocktail liqueurs

has specially developed and produced by Fruko-Schulz Company for amateurs of mixing and drinking cocktails. It includes all the necessary basic components of the most world famous longs and shorts. Presence of the whole collection in your mini-bar will mean that you can easily surprise your guests with a rich bar menu with the various classic or original cocktail recipes any moment. New liqueurs are also nice to drink in a pure way with ice. 

New non-alcoholic beer «Pražský Most» in Russia!

From the middle of 2010 the company Rosvin in cooperation with the Czech brewery Rohozec light starts to supply non-alcoholic beer «Pražský Most» Nealko in Russia. This traditional beer has a fresh flavor, mild bitterness and a rich foam, will please fans and fans of road intoxicating drink, who prefer the rich taste of real Czech beer. As part of beer - constant water, malt and hops, and the amount of alcohol will not exceed 0.5% on the bottle. Beer will be available exclusively in the 0.33 liter bottle. Ask in your bar «Pražský Most Nealko»!