During the dates 23.10-28.10.2014 producer of alcoholic beverages company Fruko-Schulz was the offical sponsor of 18th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2014 in Czech Republic. Creative elite from all over the whole world was able to appreciate the taste of traditional South Bohemian drinks from Fruko-Schulz at the festival‘s afterparty. At the head of bartender Fruko-Schulz Jan Dostál Fruko Bar introduced to guests national rum Tuzemak, Original Czech Absinth "MAGIC" and a new line of sparkling wines "Festa La Vista".

At the date 21st and 22d of October has helded Prague Bar Show 2014 the memorable event in the bartending industry! More then 50 bigest producers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from Czech Republic, USA and Europe has presented their products to professionals in GASTRO brench. The exhibition was held under the vaults of New Town Hall. It is the acient cultural monument of Czech Republic builded at the end of 14th century. The combination of Gothic and Renaissance style in the architecture of the town hall, magnificent frescoes on the vaults of the chapel, high spiral staircases, soft lighting and medieval fountains in conjunction with modern bars, colorful ice installations and the latest technologies are made this exhibition not similar to foreing analogues. The atmosphere of event had an atmosphere of elite private party with interesting acquaintances, exciting program and exclusive treats.
Fruko-Schulz first time has take a part in Prague Bar Show and presented their cocktail line «Fruko-Schulz liqueurs». An elegant bar cabinet and bar of larch wooden were made to Fruko-Schulz order of wooden barrels in which more than 30 years, aged the famous rum "Tuzemak." From the wood of the same barrels was made the basic details of branded Fruko-Schulz bar in Prague - Fruko BAR. Cocktails Old Schulz, Morritz, Lychee by Fruko and others were special designed for Prague Bar Show by famous bartender Jan Dostál. They demonstrated excellent quality, good taste and style of the product. Sweet treats - chocolate truffle from Fruko-Schulz were able to try more than 1,400 visitors for two days of the show.

At the end of September strats the Moscow Bar Show 2014. Fruko-Schultz company one of the largest Czech producer of absinth and liqueur took a place here! Within two days of event at Crocus Expo were a half-hours bars competition. And also organized "Fruko-Schultz Molecular Fair" where all visitors had a chance try futuristic delicacies. As the base of sweets were used the line of more than 40 Fruko-Schultz cocktail liqueurs. Cotton candy and puddings based on liqueurs, jelly-shots, alcoholic ice cream, caviar and foam by "Fruko-Schultz Molecular Fair"! The event was also attended by famous bartenders and bar industry guru such as: Andy Bishop, Beck Narzi, Marat Saddarov and Sergey Vedrov.

Fruko bar it is a unique place where you can find all products of Fruko-Schulz Company authentic brands of vodka, tequila and cognac collected from all over the world. Come visit us and take a place in the bar made of real barrel of larch wood. The barrel which over the last 30 years was kept Tuzemsky Rum from Jindřichův Hradec in "paradise rooms" of Fruko-Schultz factory!

From April 26 to May 3 on the Croatian coast of the Mediterranean Sea between Sukosan Murter was held the first spring INTERNATIONAL BUDWEIS REGATTA. The main partner was the company  ​​Fruko-Schulz on of the leading producers of alcohol spirits in Czech Republic, Vodka "Czar's Gold", traditional Czech beer "Pražský Most" and Cocaine Double Energy Drink. Regatta gathered under their sails 18 crews from Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Moldova, Germany and America.

To the St.Valentine's Day Czech beauties from Fruko-Schultz made a presentation of Fruko-Schultz liqueur line in retail chains in South Bohemia! For purchase of liquers they gave a present- set of Limited edition cocktail beercoaster.


Around the Christmas time Fruko- Schulz company provide degustation of coctail liqueurs in largest retail chains of South Bohemia: Globus and COOP TERNO. Customers can not only try new liqueurs but also get christmas gifts - Christmas ornaments with logo Fruko-Schultz and mini bottles of liqeur series. Do not miss out your Christmas gift from Fruko-Schultz!

Fruko Schulz has become a partner of Moscow Bar Show- an international exhibition for professionals in the bar industry and the main stage in Russia and the CIS countries. During Moscow Bar Show Titans World Open — Legend, a world’s flairing championship of professional bartenders, is held; it is also sponsored by Fruko Schulz. It is the only world commercial championship of bartenders in Russia which is supported and judged by WFA (World Flair Association) and has the highest competition status of Grand Slam.
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An international exhibition of wine Vinex 2013 takes under one roof more than 40 manufacturers from different parts of Europe was organized in city Brno (Czech Republic) in the exhibition center Brno Exhibition Centre. Magazin Kazale Company together with Fruko-Schulz factory presented current range of premium-class alcohol drinks more than 3,000 visitors.

In April 2013 the most famous barmen and delegation of journalists from Moscow and Saint- Petersburg have visited Fruko-Schulz factory. The aim of visit was to acquaint with a new product of Fruko- Schulz. It is a line of 17th world famous cocktail liqueurs. The group has got fascinating excursion and drink degustation in one of the biggest factory in Czech Republic. After that they moved to Prague. Here in Coco bar barmen have prepared delicious cocktails based on Fruko-Schulz liqueurs line. Highest commendation has got Cream Liqueur Fruko-Schulz prepared of fresh cream, Scottish whiskey and vanilla.

The vibrant and colorful style party Disco 80 was held at the hotel "Imperial" Carlsbad in the Old New Year's Eve. The sponsor of the event was Magazin Kazale company, the exclusive importer of Vodka Imperial Gold in the Czech Republic. Amazing party atmosphere and premium drinks gave guests an unforgettable evening.

Restaurant and brewery «Pražský Most u Valšů» gathered visitors and residents of Prague to the musical evening with the band «Spector», who came from St. Petersburg. Under Russian folk songs, sounds of Spanish guitar, and melodies of tango guests were offered to try russian vodka «Czar’s Gold», cocktails based on cocktail liqueurs of Czech manufacturer «Fruko-Schulz», wines from Italy, Germany and France, beer and beer desserts company «Zago» and also traditional Czech beer!

In restaurant and club «Bilkova 13» was a presentation of new calendar «Impersonation in 2013». This year photographers Peter and Mark Kurechka Shkarpa - the authors of the calendar captured eleven pairs of famous Czech actors in unexpected costumes of famous characters from the movies. «Czar’s Gold» vodka was one of the official partners of the event. All guests were offered to taste welcome drink - cocktail «CC» with «Czar’s Gold» vodka. Among the guests were many Czech celebrities who could appreciate the subtle taste of «Czar’s Gold».

The international competitions of Thai boxing hosted in Jesenice town under the patronage of the President of the Czech Association of Thai boxing Mr. Petr Otich. The main partner of the event was Czar's Gold vodka. Each winner received a price bottle of Czar's Gold . Boxers and guests praised gentle and smooth taste Czar's Gold vodka.

«Playboy Party» was in Teatro club. It was a christening ceremony of new 2013 year calendar with new playmate Dasha Jihlavcova. «Czar’s Gold» was one of the official partners of the party. The calendar was christen by «Czar’s Gold» vodka and energetic drink «Cocaine».

The company Magazin Kazale presented its products in a closed women's club in hotel Park Hotel Prague. Ladies were offered famous by its soft taste vodka Imperial Gold, noble wines from German produsers Markus Fries and Daydeskheym, a line of Fruko - Schulz cocktail liqueurs Fruko – Schulz and elite beer and beer jelly made by company Zago, which attracted the most ladies attention.

«Magazin Kazale» with the cooperation of Grand-Hotel Pupp and Hotel Plaza in Karlovy Vary city, presented a collection of «Czar’s Gold» vodka at a special Christmas presentation.
Gentlemen could appreciate the smooth taste of «Czar’s Gold», and delicious cocktails made with «Czar’s Original» were offered to ladies . The «Czar’s Village» was not be left without attention, its delicate taste and unique handmade Shtof attracted a lot of attention.