"Magazin Kazale" company is the producer and distributor of alcohol beverages Premium and Super Premium Quality. We are working at the alcohol markets of Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Russian Federation, United States of America and so on. Our main directions of business are:
- Production and distribution of alcohol beverages Premium Quality like Czech traditional beer, real Russian vodka, authentic absinthe and many others
- Production and Development of the new trade alcohol brands by your order
- Sale and Installation of brewery equipment for restaurants and bars

During our work we were able to establish our own production of several brands of beer, absinthe and vodka in cooperation with companies you can learn at "Partners" section and also organize the direct steady supplies of alcohol from the Czech republic to Russian Federation and from Russian Federation to Europe and United States of America. In summer 2011 in collaboration with Fruko-Schulz company we have realized a big and successful project - a new line of the world famous cocktail liqueurs like Blue Curacao, Triple Sec, Coconut, Pina Colada, Bitter and others. 
We are open to new relationships and always welcome new proposals of development the distribution of alcoholic beverages which are presented at our website or which you are working with.
The spheres of our activities - beer equipment, which we not only sell, but also provide a full range of services related to installation and start working. And it does not matter, at what corner of the Earth You are!
We are interested in realization of new ideas. Modern market requires uniqueness and novelty. And we are ready to give it to you. We are eager to help you to implement and realize your projects and take them a worthy place in their niche. If you want to build your own product of excellent quality, unique design, in your package, in limited quantity, with your history, contact us! Each type of our activities we have thoroughly studied and mastered and this allows us to be successful to fell good in any endeavor. 
Be a welcome guest in our restaurant - brewery "Pražský Most u Valšů", which is situated in the very heart of Prague. Here you always find a warmest welcome, fresh brewed Czech beer and delicious dishes of Bohemian cuisine.
From the October 2011 You can get acquainted with the variety of the products we offer at our Show Room which is at the same time the elite shop "Wine List" open daily from 10 a.m. till 20 p.m. at Sobeslavska 32, Prague 3.