«Czar’s collection»

Водка «Царская Оригинальная»Подарочный коробVodka «Czar’s Original»

Volume: 0,5 l, 0,375 l, 0,7 l, 1 l
Volume alcohol: 40 %
Package: gift box

Водка "Царская Золотая"Подарочный коробVodka «Czar's Gold»

Volume: 0,05 l, 0,375 l, 0,5 l, 0,7 l, 1 l
Volume alcohol: 40 %
Package: gift box

Водка "Царское Село"Vodka «Czar’s Village»

Volume: 0,7 l, 0,75 l
Volume alcohol: 40%
Package: gift box

«Czar’s collection» of premium-class vodkas is produced specially for the 300-year anniversary of the founding Saint Petersburg by Peter the Great in 1703. The secret of impeccable taste of the elite drink is the use of luxury class alcohol, which is derived from the best varieties of hard wheat, and soft water from the Lake Ladoga, going through the multi-system filtering through layers of quartz sand and birch charcoal. The uniqueness of flavor is achieved due to addition of lime honey and infusion of lime color.
Bottles of vodka «Czar’s» are decorated with reproductions of old prints - a portrait of Peter the First - the work of Dutch painter Karl Moor in 1717, heraldic symbols of statehood and the pictures of the north Russian capital.
The form of bottles has not only the unusual design but is made from a special apothecary glass, which allows to save the original taste of vodka unchanged throughout the period of storage. Vodka «Czar’s» is able to become a precious decoration of your table.
Pearl of «Czar’s» collection is certainly vodka «Czar’s Village». The recipe of exclusive drink, which for a long time was considered lost, was restored due to the documents found in the archives of the Museum-Reservation Czar’s Village - the summer residence of the Romanovs House. In 1913, on the occasion of dinner in honor of 300-year anniversary of the tsar’s dynasty, Fedor Shechtel, famous Russian modernist, has created a unique SHTOF for Vodka, decorated with the images of the Catherine Palace in Czar’s Village, monograms of Catherine the Great and the last Russian emperor Nicholas II and the engraved tulips at the side. Bottle, which is produced today for «Czar’s Village» is a stylized copy of coronation shtof, the only original of which is stored in the exposition of the Moscow Museum of vodka. The particularity of shtof is a special glass stopper, which is adjusted to the neck of bottle by using the diamond grit.